History of Pterodactyl Racing

screech! Pterodactyl Racing was founded in 1985. The previous banner was Team Orange Racing, in which the team raced a Caldwell D-9 Formula Ford starting in 1980. The idea of Pterodactyl Racing was born of racing a "flying dinosaur" -- a vehicle that was not modern or highly sophisticated, but fast, none-the-less. In 1990, the opportunity to race a vintage vehicle was fulfilled when a fellow SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association) racer contacted driver Ira Schoen to investigate the possibility of a vintage race Capri.

The SVRA vintage cutoff for the small-bore Trans Am class is documented racing history prior to January 1, 1973. The Capri, after much research confirmed by the regional Watkins Glen historian, was the lone Capri originally raced by Oliver Jones. This privateer car, classified as a B Sedan in the SCCA's (Sports Car Club of America's) Trans Am series, did not fare particularly well. His race Capri competed in two, 2.5 (liter) Challenge Trans Am races in 1972: one at Lime Rock, the other at Watkins Glen, and one IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) Camel GT three hour race at Bryar the same year.

Other cars which competed in the 1972 Trans Am (T/A) 2.5 Challenge included Pintos, Alfa Romeo GTAs, BMW 2002s, Datsun 510s, Volvos, Triumph Vitesses, Mini-Coopers, Ford Cortinas (including Lotus variants) and Escorts. The Alfas and 510s were the cars to beat in the early 1970's T/A series.