2.5 Challenge trans Am (SCCA) Capri, (B sedan) specifications:

Body/Interior:All-steel unibody
Weight:approximately 1980 lbs. (without driver)
Height:48 inches
Weight Distribution:50.5% front/49.5% rear
Instrumentation:tachometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, fuel pressure and voltmeter
Full rollcage with window net
Two seats with five-point racing harness
Fire suppression system

Engine: 1993 cc SOHC Ford
Horsepower: approximately 195 gross SAE
Carburetion:twin Weber DCOE 45
Redline:7500 RPM

Fuel System:
Fuel pump:electric
Fuel:110/112 octane
Fuel Cell:8 gallons

transmission:Ford 4-speed Rocket box

Brakes: Stock front, grooved discs / calipers, with racing pads
Rear: aluminum alloy, Alfin-style drums
Adjustable bias

Suspension:Front: Ford McPherson front struts with Koni adjustable shock absorbers, front camber plates,
Rear:Ford limited-slip differential with factory-located radius rods, panhard bar, monoleaf rear springs, and Koni racing shocks

Wheels/Tires:Panasport UL, 13"x7" alloy with 8x22x13 Avon treaded racing tires
American Racing Libre, 13"x7" alloy with 215-50-13 rain tires

0-60 MPH Acceleration:6.5 seconds
0-100 MPH:15 seconds
1/4 mile ET:under 14 seconds
Top speed with 3.44 axle ratio:140 mph
Lateral acceleration: over 1g