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Capri Swarm 2012

Photos: Ruth Morgan, Tony Vissoc, Ashley Miller, Richard Booth, and David Valone

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What a wonderful time was had this year's Swarm. Thanks to all those who attended and helped stage the event. We had 16 Capris, and around 40 people over the 3 days!

Friday was very nice weather, and early bird Swarmers came in with some remarkable Capris. The Swarm show area was coned-off, chalked, canopied, and set for a big 2 days at National Trail Raceway. The NMRA folks were most gracious and put the CCNA in the center of the concours field. We had a strong turnout for the Team Blitz Customer Night pizza, veggies, cookies, and pop at the Hampton that evening.

Saturday, we woke up to lightning and thunder courtesy of Hurricane Isaac. There's nowhere to seek cover at an open race track, so after waiting until almost 11AM, David Valone made the safe and responsible call to move the car show to Easton Towne Center in Columbus. Norm Murdock waited at National Trail to intercept any late-comers until 11AM, and then joined the rest of the gang at Easton. There we enjoyed a rain-free rest of the day, all sorts of local restaurants, shopping, and lots of places to walk Swarm pooches, looking for something to chew on.

The CCNA Banquet Saturday evening was awesome. 62 BBQ catered the meal, and it was superb: pulled pork, salad, chicken-n-noodles, cheesy potatoes, brownies, and drinks. Jerry and Sandy LaCoss gave a thoroughly interesting multi-media presentation on the Hot Rod Power Tour, which they did from Michigan to Texas earlier this summer. They're going again next year too: TX to SC!

Trophies and awards were announced and presented:

  • Longest Distance: Dave Martin, 1203mi each way
  • Best Restored: Wayne Morlock, 1972 2.0L
  • Best Survivor: Joe Bennardo, 1976 2.3L
  • Best Modified: Ashley Miller, 1973 SBF V8
  • Best Daily Driver: Dave Martin, 1976 2.8L
  • Swarm Swami: Ken Kmiec, service to others
  • Trivia Contest: Jeff Lantz, perfect score

Sunday's weather was much more cooperative, and the Autocross at Columbus Motor Speedway went as planned. Eight Capri drivers took a turn at the course, which was set up for higher speeds this year. The FTD time for the Swarm was nailed down by Bill Davidson in his 1974 2.0L. Other trophies were awarded to each Capri driver in classes for V8, V6, and 4-cyl by our host club UFO.

Thanks to: David Valone, CCNA Swarm Chairman and Webmaster, Ken Kmiec, the NMRA show staff, the UFO autocross committee, 62 BBQ, the Hampton Inn Heath, the Capri-List, and all the Swarmers who pitched in with stuff like the canopy, drinks, food, K-P, and general help - much appreciated.

Thank-you once again to NEW Swarmers and RETURN Swarmers, alike. People showed up with Capris. People showed up to buy Capris. People showed up to talk about their Capris in-progress back home. All sorts of people, and all enjoying the action at The Swarm.

Hopefully, we can do it all again in 2013. Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

2012 Capri Swarm highlights:

  • Capris in attendance = 16
  • Capris in autocross = 8 drivers
  • Banquet Attendance = 40

Banquet Speaker

Jerry and Sandy LaCoss, "Hot Rod Power Tour"

HQ Hotel

Hampton Inn Heath


62 BBQ

The Show
The Show

Jerry's Mk1
Jerry's 3.8 V6

Mike and Tracy
Mike and Tracy

MkII logo
MkII logo

Jeff at the Banquet
Our Trivia Champion

Chatting at the car show
Afternoon at the show

Ashley's V8 MkI
Ashley's V8 Mk1

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