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Capri Swarm 2017

Photos: David Valone, Tom Pieper, and Ruth Morgan

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In the morning, Swarmers began to gather at the hotel. Gary, Bill, Jeff, and Jacob went on a Capri cruise. In the evening, we gathered in the hotel conference room, where we shared pizza and drinks, courtesy of Team Blitz, for their annual Customer Appreciation Night. Capri-related conversations continued long into the night. 


On Saturday morning, most Swarmers headed out to the track, but several remained behind to help diagnose Steve’s 2.6 V6, which had mysteriously quit running, shortly after Steve had been talking about how great it had been running. Good going, Steve! 

At the track, several Swarmers participated in some heads-up drag racing. Bill Davidson defeated Rich Booth for the 4-cylinder trophy and Jeff Mathyssen won the award for fastest overall Capri. Of course, we can't fail to mention "Dumbo", Gary Richmond's fast 347 V8 drag car. Last year’s turtle trophy winner, Fred Stoye, returned this year with his beautiful teal green Mk1, which is beautifully restored. Bill Hicks, with his son, Mike, were first-time Swarmers, and were looking to find a suitable 1973 Capri (see photo). Joe Bennardo drove down from New York with his son Alex. It was the first time that Alex had been to the event since he was a baby!  

Saturday evening featured the Swarm Banquet. After supper, club members took turns telling their "Capri Stories". It was great getting the opportunity to get to learn more about new attendees and to learn more about the Capri histories of long-time Swarmers.  


On Sunday morning we had a Capri caravan out to the Circleville Raceway Park for the Capri Swarm autocross, organized by the United Ford Owners (UFO) club, in tandem with the Mid-Ohio Region Porsche Club. Circleville is laid out like a mini road course. What a great track! Thanks to the UFO and Porsche clubs for letting our crew run with them. We had a blast! 

The Capri Autocross FTD went to Bill Davidson. Great showing from Bill this year! Congrats! We were thrilled with the turnout for the second year of the new Swarm date. So many great Capri owners and beautiful cars. Thanks to all attendees for helping to once again make the Swarm a success. Can't wait for next year!

Trophies and awards

  • Best Modified: Jeff Mathyssen 
  • Best Survivor:  Mark 
  • Best Restoration: Brian Carty 
  • Best Daily Driver: Don Murphy 
  • Fastest Drag ET (4 cyl): Bill Davidson
  • Fastest Drag ET (Overall): Jeff Mathyssen
  • Capri Autocross FTD: Bill Davidson
  • Longest Distance Driven to the Swarm in a Capri: Brian Carty (2380 miles) 
  • Swarm Swami: Bill Davidson 
  • Turtle Trophy: Steve Burris 

Capris in Attendance:

  • Steve Burris - Green 1973 2600 V6
  • Jeff Mathyssen - Copper 1973 5.0 V8
  • Fred Stoye 1972 2.0L - (aquamarine)
  • Bill and Jacob Davidson - Green 1974 2.0 (and Mustang)
  • Rich Booth - Blue 1973 2000 (modified)
  • Don Murphy and Jeannie - Red 1973 2600 V6
  • Joe Bennardo and Alex - 1976 2.3 - Copper/vinyl top
  • Rob Harber and Catherine - Pewter 1972 302 V8
  • Tom Pieper - Blue 1976 ASC 2800
  • Gary Richmond - White 1973 347 V8
  • Brian Carty - Orange 1974 2.0
  • Mark Tenbroek - Yellow Mk1 2.0

Members in Attendance:

  • Rand Thompson
  • Ashley Miller
  • Jim Brozynski
  • Wayne Tofel
  • Gary Nichols
  • Bill Hicks, with son Mike
  • Gary Nichols
  • Chris Rolls
  • David Valone
  • Norm Murdock - White 1988 Merkur Scorpio

Looking for a Capri
Looking for a Capri

One of these items no longer has a toupée
Joe, Alex, and their Capri

Rich Booth and his Blue Capri 2.0
Rich and the 1/4-mi veteran

Autocross demon Jeannie Murphy
Jeannie knows something that you do not know

Capri Swarm car show, featuring Brian's 1974 Mk1
Saturday Car Show

Tom's ASC Mk2
Tom's ASC Mk2

Mark is enjoying the Capri caravan
Mark is enjoying the Capri Caravan

Sunday autocross, with Capris
Sunday at the Autocross

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